The Union Hill grange hall was build in 1897 by George O. Ashby and used as a church "The United Brethern In Christ" where Mr Ashby was the Preacher and owner of the building and property since 1890.

It was later bought by a group of Union Hill residents and used as a Community Dance Hall Club.

The building was later sold to the newly formed Union Hill Grange in 1929 and has been active ever since. Many Grange Fairs were held; dinners, pie socials, weddings, funerals, showers, Election Precent, and square dances. The square dances included neighbors like the Roy Verbeck Band, Arthur Mulkey, Chester Mulkey, Charlie Mulkey, Louie Fisher, Theodore Fisher, Ralph Egan, Frank Egan, Guy Butler, and many more.

In 1947 the Grange purchased the Oak Grove School House and pulled it through the fields and up a graveled road with three big cats. Including Roy Kings cat, a TD6 operated by Guy Scott, a TD6 operated by Jhonney Buearhaust, and a D4 operated byMaurice Heater. Huge 16" skids were used as runners and were well worn down when the job was completed. The one room school was built by Phillip Fisher in 1892 and sat on property owned by a Mr Hair on Victor Point Rd about a mile west of the Grange. Eight grades were taught in the school by local teachers; Vera Scott, Jennie Humphries, Ethel King, and Dianna Moore. Some of the students were Mary Becker Baribaeu, Marjorie Tate White, Robert Humphreys, Thelma Humphreys Gray. Many remember riding horse back to school.

Some remember packing water in milk cans to use washing dishes and making coffee and punch. A well and restrooms were added to the two buildings in later years. The huge wood stoves were replaced with propane and electric in the kitchen.

Enjoy some pictures of our history.

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    Memorial Stone then.
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    Memorial Stone now.
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